Search is always hiding in plain sight. We all know it’s there; but its esoteric and keeps evolving, and typically left to the ‘search expert’ – either inhouse or the Agency. While no marketer will ignore Search in their strategy, they also shy away from getting completely involved or even treating it as a strategic part of their marketing efforts. Let’s face it – once your team or Agency has managed to hit page one of Google for your ‘focus keywords’, just how much attention do you focus on search?

While marketers have been faced with the specter of Google’s ‘changing algorithms’ for a while now; at MarTech Advisor we are sensing a slightly altered narrative. Just as the approach to Content Marketing is shifting to Content Experiences, there is a definitive shift in the way marketers are approaching search too. The tow are anyway inextricably linked. New concepts such as voice, visual and vertical search aside, Search is also helping drive content discoverability more purposefully through the customer journey. In other words, it is becoming more strategic to marketing, rather than a box that needs to be checked. We spoke with Jordan Koene, CEO of Searchmetrics Inc, about what Strategic Search means in practice, and came away with some pretty practical and powerful tips for you to try! You may find that you’ve been missing the obvious.

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